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My Soundcloud page!

2013-07-25 01:09:41 by Shabadaman

Hey guys!

I've decided to make a soundcloud account with a new alias - LaunchPoint.

"Shabadaman" was a nickname I had a long time ago in school, and I think that moving on from that will help me move into a more mature phase of music production!

So please follow me on soundcloud @ to get updated on my latest high quality sounds, the songs that I wish to attribute to LaunchPoint will have the name in the title to avoid confusion when I upload them to NG.

Hope you have a good day now!

My Soundcloud page!


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2013-07-30 12:01:29

Cools! However, I would like to know how you pronounce that nickname. If I ever think of something cool or original, I might get a new alias as well haha

Shabadaman responds:

It's easy! Simply the words "launch" and "point" stuck together really!

When you do, let me know! :D