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*breaks down into tears*

R.I.P Headphone users! (that includes me too)

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Kieran-s responds:

rip, you died for my sins

The theme song at the end gets me every time. Brilliant as always!

WaldFlieger responds:

Haha thanks! :D

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I received an email telling me that one of my favourite authors had made a new release, I haven't checked the email address on this account for so long so I suppose It was about time.

This is sick. You've really evolved your style since last I heard, and It's for the better. I could easily hear this tune on one of the many popular edm podcasts and It's definitely at that professional standard.

It's great to hear you're still going and I might have to take another shot at Newgrounds, If anything it will be worth it to check out your new releases!

Overall an awesome track, 5/5 no doubt.

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D-Chain responds:

Thanks for checking my music again, its been a long time indeed, but fear not my friend.
Im constantly on the move to better productions as you noticed so yourself ;)

I actually really like this song dude, it's very nice and chilled. The vibes are great, the simplicity of the song is also somewhat refreshing when you think about how involved some songs can be.

The evolution of the melody is actually very well designed, I feel like I want more of the last melody though! It's as if you started to develop the song and then got bored, maybe you could come back to this when you're stuck for ideas? There's a lot of potential with this and I think that although, in it's current state, the song is good, with a bit more development it could be brilliant.

Something for you to ponder on at least. You're definitely getting more comfortable with your style.

BlueOceans responds:

Thankyou. You are right. I will go back to the song right now and make edits! I still want to keep the fade out ending.

Sounds like a minor progression to me dude, and it's an awesome one at that :D I'm thinking that you could make this a full 5-6 minutes if you made it properly progressive and took your time with it.

I'd certainly be interested to hear something like that from you, It's something to consider at least.

Clean, smooth and excellent work. Well done.

D-Chain responds:

Thans allot! ill make sure to take my time to finish this one and 5-6 min long sounds fair enough to me :)

I'm a microscopic fish in a humungous, titanic sized ocean. Please listen to my music with open ears and provide whatever feedback you can, every review helps! Be sure to add me to your favorites if you like what you hear, there's more on it's way!

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